Senate Concurrent Resolution 26

AUSTIN – The Texas House of Representatives passed a resolution today urging the federal government to work with Texas in unraveling the overreaching regulations that have been implemented over the past eight years, which were largely aimed at negatively impacting the oil and gas industry.

Houston ISD Voter Alert

Houston Independent School District (HISD) is now considered a property-wealthy school district, which means the ISD has a choice: it can annually pay the state some of its tax revenue, which is how other wealthy ISDs comply with state law – or it can have properties permanently taken away and annexed to another school district.

HB 3854 | Texas Royalty Council

Opponents of the energy industry are trying to prevent access for export of our mineral resources. With the abundance of natural gas in Texas, the growth in manufacturing that relies on our natural gas is underway. However, there continue to be barriers getting these products to market. 

Oil and Natural Gas Facts

The Texas Railroad Commission, with its work rooted in science-base regulations and safety, plays a critical role in ensuring the oil and natural gas industry continues to thrive in Texas.  A healthy oil and natural gas industry provides jobs for Texans, protects the environment and bolsters our nation’s energy security.

What is Fracking

Learn more about the process of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing with these informational graphics.