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We are a grassroots entity organized to monitor, advocate and educate royalty owners, elected officials and the energy industry on issues affecting royalty owners in Texas. 

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How Revisions Could Make NAFTA Even Better for Texas

When I think about the upcoming NAFTA renegotiations, I think about the origins of the Railroad Commission of Texas, on which I have the honor of serving.

U.S. eating into OPEC market share, Texas economist says

June 7 (UPI) — Producers operating in U.S. shale basins, notably Texas, are eating into a market share abandoned by OPEC, an economist in the state said.

How this tiny county in Texas became the richest in America

When the residents of sleepy, rural McMullen County, Texas, found out that they officially lived in the richest county in America, "we were shocked," recalls Kimberly Kay Kreider-Dusek, the only lawyer in the area. She serves as the county attorney, prosecuting misdemeanors and advising county commissioners on legal matters.

Sunset review legislation comes at critical time for Texas, RRC

The Railroad Commission of Texas can continue its work protecting public safety and the environment for the next 12 years thanks to a formal reauthorization of the agency by the Texas Legislature this past week.

Father Who Quietly Maintained A Memorial To His Son For 12 Years Gets Permanent Tribute From Property Owner

The father who has been secretly maintaining a memorial for his only son over the last 12 years had to finally reveal himself when the company that owns the property left him a note. Fearing the worst, he stepped forward—only to discover the company wanted to make the memorial a permanent feature in its plans to upgrade the property.

Texas Legislature Files Resolutions Supporting Delegation of Federal Energy Regulations to State

This week, the Texas 85th Legislature filed two concurrent resolutions calling on the federal government to work with Texas in unraveling the harmful, overreaching regulations that have been implemented over the past eight years, which were largely aimed at negatively impacting the oil and gas industry.

Permian tops 300 rigs for first time in 2 years

By Trevor Hawes

It took nearly two years, but the Permian Basin rig count broke into the 300 range this week after an additional six rigs pushed the tally to 301, according to Baker Hughes.

RRC Prepares for More Oil and Gas Drilling: Christi Craddick is Optimistic about 2017

The Texas Railroad Commission (RRC) is gearing up for increased oil and gas drilling throughout 2017.

EPA science under scrutiny by Trump political staff

Big Oil Roars Back

By: Loren Steffy

Last May, things looked so bleak in the Texas oil patch that the service company Halliburton decided to write a $3.5 billion check to get out of a planned merger with its major rival, Baker Hughes. The deal had made some sense when it was signed, in November 2014, but a year and a half later the companies’ rationale fell apart as crude oil prices experienced a precipitous, months-long slide. The merger’s demise was just one of many indications that the oil and gas sector was in the midst of its worst bust in three decades. In Texas, the average number of active rigs had plunged from nine hundred at the boom’s peak to fewer than two hundred. Companies slashed tens of thousands of jobs, and bankruptcies were rising. In Irving, the world’s biggest oil company, ExxonMobil, posted anemic profits.